welcomes you,

To a fun and friendly glamour model's free promotional website

Established in 2005,

A photographers hobbyist adult model website promoting and supporting,

British Adult female models into the 21st century,

A British website created and built in Britain in 2020,

A website to support the BREXIT move away from Europe,

Promoting the British female model free of charge,


So ladies you like to try something new,

With a style of glamour in your modeling portfolio,,

For the fun of being a glamour model in the exciting world of glamour,

I am a qualified professional stills photographer and i shoot glamour models for free,

[Using the latest digital cameras and 4k video]

Full sets of images given free of charge,

[For selfie promotions]

All models must be 18 and over to Apply

[Small to medium petite size 6 to 8 with a healthy complection preferable]

Posing with new wardrobe of Bikini / Lingerie and different settings in a warm studio with a great atmosphere,

Creating your illusion in your style making you feel the best,

Glamshooter policy is to help create you as a glamour model as a great oportunity for all female's of any age over 18 to build and boost your confidence,

To help with your character building and make you feel more confident in yourself,

To try out a style in your life you wanted to free of charge and a chance to see your self confidence create into a new you,

Which you wanted but never knew how too,

Hi I'm Allan,

I am a digital Stills Photographer with 40 years experience in the field of Glamour photography,

I specialize in female model, Commercial Glamour shoots My aim is too give the professional experience to new model's wanting to try,

A homestyle glamour studio shoot experience guiding them into wardrobe and styles of modeling offering the chance to work with an experienced stills photographer,

Making sure the images are of a good quality to view on Face book websites to promote the model at her best

My contact number 07808252493

I am based in Chorley, Lancasshire,

Near the M61 at the junction 8 turn off,

regards registered at contact details

call me on 07808252493

Email me:

New models and New styles coming in 2020

Must be 18 and over to APPLY,

who like to try glamour modeling,

And be part of,

I am trying out my new digital cameras and creating new ideas in still shots,

Please message me on the APPLY page fill in your details and send

[If interested in trying a free test shoot,]

Models who apply must be 18 and over

( I've been named the Godfather of Glamour)

By Lina Luxe,

My Photography qualifications,

Beginners course in photography

intermediate level in photography skills

NCFE level 1 in digital imaging,

Able to teach beginners in Digital stills photography out side of class room,

Thank you for viewing Glamshooter,

New 2020 BREXIT website,

Hope you come back soon,

Takecare and be safe,