I am including a girl / girls model page with a view to promoting through my website with you and your friends images on this page.

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(models Emzi.model and Beckyboo pic1,Petra and Linda Owens pic2, Sheryl and Petra pic3, Emma and Nika pic4, Rachel and Petra pic5, Shalina and Gloria pic6, Kirby and Jade pic7, Emma and Cheryl pic8, Delvilish dancer and Elle pic9,)

The reason for this section is for safety reasons to suggest it is better for 2 girls to attend a new photo shoot enabeling both girls to work with each other with makeup and clothes and encourage each other during the shoot,

Any girl / girl models interested in joining Glamshooter.co.uk and appear on my webpage please fill in your details on seperate Emails stating you would like to shoot together,

I have section for girl / girl model applicants,

(all models must be 18 and over,)

Contact me direct



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